Pet Friendly Hotel in Pompano Beach

Located North of Fort Lauderdale

pet friendlyGoing on vacation is one of the highlights for many Americans. However, for those who have pets, it can often be challenging to find suitable accommodations for their furry friends. At Sea Steps Suites, we proudly offer suites for the entire family, including your beloved pets.

Some of the benefits of bringing your pet on vacation with you include:

  • Your pet gets to enjoy time with you away from the normal bustle of daily life
  • Pets don't often get the opportunity to explore new places, making it a fun experience for both of you
  • You won't have to worry about them staying at a boarding facility
  • As the day winds down, you can rest peacefully knowing that every family member is under one roof

If you have any questions about our pet-friendly accommodations, please contact us at (954) 635-5572.