Scuba Diving in Pompano Beach

A Walk Away from the Shoreline

scuba diving in pompano beachKnown as the "Wreck Capital" of Florida, Pompano Beach offers spectacular scuba diving for travelers of all levels. Due to the Gulfstream current flowing parallel to the shoreline, drift diving has become a popular choice of diving amongst divers. In drift diving, divers are dropped off at the diving site and allowed to flow with the current as it carries them over the scenic reef and shipwrecks. Our team at Sea Steps Suites can make recommendations for you and your family.

Many travelers prefer to take advantage of drift diving, because:

  • It offers more freedom and scuba time
  • You are able to explore more reef and marine life
  • There is not a need for you to swim back and forth between the reef and the boat

For more information about scuba diving in Pompano Beach, please feel free to contact us at (954) 635-5572.